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Welcome to G-Force Driving school! I am a driving instructor based in Guildford; I also offer lessons across Farnborough, Aldershot, Woking, Addlestone, Chertsey, Cobham, Weybridge, Esher, Kingston, Teddington and Staines.

  • Local Driving Instructor in Guildford
  • Patient and helpful lessons
  • Can teach all driving levels
  • Nervous pupils very welcome
  • Help with the Theory Test
  • Good time keeping
  • Intensive driving courses
  • One to one lessons - no car sharing
  • Manual gearbox car

My driving lessons are patient and friendly, with no car sharing - this means I can give each pupil all of my attention and they can concentrate on learning to drive in a relaxed in-car atmosphere.

As a driving instructor I make sure I approach every lesson in a professional manner, with good time keeping and a positive attitude to help pupils reach test standard as quickly as their skills allow.

My pupil progress cards are a great way to keep up-to-date with your development - no aimless driving around!! The tuition car camera is also a great teaching tool which can help learners improve areas that need extra work.

I am able to help with the Theory and Hazard Perception Test if any of my pupils require it - I'm happy to say that 98% of my pupils pass first time! I also ensure that my teaching methods give my learners the knowledge and experience to drive safely on the roads after they've passed the driving test - a very important aspect of driving lessons.

Driving Lesson Offers

I am very happy to teach nervous learners/drivers by building confidence on quiet roads until they are ready to venture further - the dual controls and my experience as a driving instructor means I I am ready to help at any point during the lessons.

G-Force Driving School is based in Guildford, and I have extensive knowledge of the roads across the surrounding towns. This means I'm fully equipped to teach learners in many types of driving situations and on many types of road, which helps learners gain a well rounded knowledge and confidence whilst driving.

Lessons can start and end at a destination that my pupils choose, as long as it is within a reasonable distance of my teaching area.

My driving school vehicle is a modern, clean, well maintained Ford Focus, which is easy to handle and comfortable to drive. It's also good for learning the manoeuvres. with good all round visibility. The car is fitted with dual controls for the safety of all my pupils.

"genuinely cares about training drivers to be safe and independent"

I have great deals for all levels of driver, from beginners to those who require refresher lessons. My beginners intro offer is a great way to save money!

For pupils that are part trained and new to my school, I offer a 2 hour half price lesson!! If you like to block book lessons; I offer 10, 20, 30 and 40 hours. I also offer intensive driving courses for those that wish to get to test standard in a short period of time. Please visit my driving lesson prices page for more info.

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Driving Instructor in Guildford

Welcome to G-Force

Pupil Testimonials

Sep 2018

From: Nicole

Test Centre: Farnborough

Driving Test Pass Guildford I paid for 30 hours driving lessons, intensive course with Gareth and I found my confidence grew exceptionally in such a short amount of time.

Gareth was patient but firm with his instructions during lessons and explained all manoeuvrers clearly.

He always remains calm and of course always told me where I was going wrong so I could work on it. He identified my weak spots and helped me work on them.

Today, I passed my driving test first time and I couldn't be happier. I can't thank Gareth enough for helping me come such a long way in driving in a short amount of time.

Excellent instructor, I would definitely recommended him to other learners. Many thanks

Sep 2018

From: Rachel

Test Centre: Farnborough

Driving Test Pass Guildford Congratulations to Rachel!

She has passed first time, and only collected 3 minors.

Rachel has done a 30 hours intensive driving course in 1.5 weeks with a test at the end of the course

Aug 2018

From: Albert

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Congratulations to Albert for passing his driving test at the first attempt!

Also, he only received 2 minors on his test report! Well done!

Aug 2018

From: Sarah

Test Centre: Chertsey

Driving Test Pass Guildford I took a 24 hour intensive driving course with Gareth after struggling with driving two years ago.

I was very anxious about driving again but immediately felt at ease with Gareth and it is clear that his aim is to create confident and safe drivers.

I passed my test on my first attempt with Gareth and got 0 minors!

I would highly recommend him and learning with G-Force driving school.

Thank you so much again

Jul 2018

From: Stacey

Driving Test Pass Guildford I did a 40hr intensive course with Gareth who was amazing!

He really helped me throughout the course and for the my test which I passed first time.

He managed to make driving very enjoyable with his calm ways, and giving you lots of knowledge on being a safe driver, I highly recommend Gareth as your one and only driving instructor.

Apr 2018

From: Orla

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth was a brilliant driving instructor, I couldn't have asked for better.

He is extremely patient and knowledgeable and helped me build up my confidence and skills.

I was a complete beginner when I started and was very nervous - I honestly thought I would never be able to drive! But now I feel confident that I have great skills and I really enjoy driving it made the lessons really fun!

I would highly recommend Gareth to anyone looking to take driving lessons, he is an excellent teacher.

Apr 2018

From: Jack

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford The driving lessons were very professional.

My driving instructor Gareth, really cares about what he teaches and takes pride in his work.

Thank you

Apr 2018

From: Edina

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford I'd like to say a big thank you for Gareth helping me pass my driving test.

I was taking an intensive course and was nervous at first but Gareth's professionalism and positive attitude helped me a lot.

Learned everything on time and he gave me feedback after each lesson to make me understand where I am with my "journey" towards getting my licence.

I can only recommend him as he is an excellent instructor and person!

Jan 2018

From: Henry

Test Centre: Farnborough

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth is a fantastic instructor who is dedicated to making you a safe and confident driver. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great people person.

I was a bit nervous when I started my intensive driving course but by the end I felt confident and safe in my driving.

I passed my driving test first time with 0 (zero) minors.

I highly recommend G-Force driving school!

Dec 2017

From: Nicholas

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Congratulations to Nicholas!

Very pleased to say he passed the new updated DVSA driving test first time with only 2 minors!

Dec 2017

From: Tayler

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth is a brilliant driving instructor; he delivers driving information clearly and has taught me well.

I have had driving experience in the past yet I didn't realise how lacking my driving knowledge was until I had lessons with Gareth, who managed to identify and help me solve many issues with my driving and in doing so prepared me well for my driving test, which I passed my First time, with only a couple of minor mistakes.

I enjoyed my driving lessons with Gareth, he is a dedicated instructor who was prepared to put in a lot of hours for my driving in a short time, and in doing so has made me a safe and confident driver.

I look forward to further developing my driving expertise, during my Pass Plus.

I highly recommend Gareth as a driving instructor

Thank you

Tayler took the new updated DVSA driving test.

Nov 2017

From: Ella

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Despite being a very nervous driver, Gareth always carried out the lessons calmly and clearly.

The online booking system is very useful also, being able to choose preferred duration too, which for me was 2 hours.

The lessons were always progressive, learning something new every time whilst making sure that said skills were consolidated gradually, in small increments as not to overwhelm with information and hence end up practising mistakes. Often at times I would get discouraged, however the breadth of experience I have acquired has allowed me to rectify mistakes and be prepared for any situation on the road, and ultimately to become a safe driver.

I was convinced that I was not going to pass my driving test, being very anxious and lacking self-belief, Gareth however, having taught me everything I needed to know had complete confidence in my abilities.

Turns out he must've been right; I passed first time!

Thank you!

Oct 2017

From: Simon

Test Centre: Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth is a very calm mannered driving instructor, which I found to be great as I was a very nervous driver without much confidence

With Gareth's help and ability to always stay calm and patient next to me and deliver great instructions I became a much more confident driver.

Unlike other instructors, Gareth's aim wasn't just to help me pass the driving test, he also wanted to ensure that once I passed I was confident in my driving, and ready to tackle any situation, which is now the case.

I can't recommend this guy enough to anyone who wants to become a great driver!

Oct 2017

From: Kieran

Test Centre: Chertsey

Driving Test Pass Guildford I learnt to drive with Gareth having no previous experience at all in a car. Gareth shaped me into a confident driver and worked very hard to fix any mistakes I was making.

I passed my test with only 3 minors!

I also feel confident I will be a safe driver now I have passed and look forward to taking the Pass Plus with Gareth again.

Thank you so much Gareth.

Oct 2017

From: Thomas, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford I was extremely nervous when I first started learning to drive, and thought that I'd never be capable of passing the practical test because it simply wasn't for me.

However, Gareth's clear and simple explanation of all aspects of driving made it extremely easy to acquire the skills necessary to be safe in the road, and comfortably deal with problems caused mainly by BMW drivers. In addition to this, lessons were never stressful due to his calm, and patient disposition.

Thanks to G-Force driving school, I passed my practical test first time, and am now confident in my ability to drive to a high standard.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn quickly, in a stress-free environment.

Sep 2017

From: Gracie, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth has a calm and relaxed approach to teaching and makes sure to explain driving theory thoroughly throughout the lessons, which was ideal for me as I was not at all confident when I started my lessons with him.

He genuinely cares about training drivers to be safe and independent.

Within 30 hours, my driving technique improved massively, helping me to pass my test and develop the knowledge that I needed to be a capable driver.

Thanks again!

Sep 2017

From: Ellie, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth was my one and only instructor and I'm very glad he was! A really friendly, outgoing person so made driving lessons enjoyable and I felt relaxed.

I have become a very experienced driver now and am glad to say I passed with only 1 minor.

The 2 hour lessons are also very worth it as you can get a lot done in that time!

I'm very thankful for all of Gareth's help!

Aug 2017

From: Gareth

Driving Test Pass Guildford Elliot passed his driving test with only 4 minors.

Congratulations and well done! It was a pleasure to teach you.

Jul 2017

From: Jodie

Driving Test Pass Guildford Luckily Gareth was my first and only driving instructor!

After 40 hours of lessons dedicated to learning new skills and ensuring I am and will remain safe on the roads, I managed to pass first time with only 3 minors!

Driving Test Pass Guildford

Gareth is very hard working and dedicated and only wants the best for all his pupils.

I have enjoyed my journey learning how to drive and recommend Gareth as an instructor! :)

Jun 2017

From: Dom

Driving Test Pass Guildford I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Gareth.

I found his approach to teaching really helpful because he was always very encouraging and he always gave very clear advice.

I passed my driving test first time due to my lessons with Gareth and I am really grateful for his help as it has allowed me to achieve my aim of being able to drive independently and confidently.

Many thanks for your help.

Jun 2017

From: Crina, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford My husband, who also passed the practical test with Gareth at Chertsey Test Centre, promised that I'll get a car from him if I pass my driving test!

There we go, now I can collect it from him! It also makes my life easier because I can take our kids to their school by car as well.

Thank you for helping me to get there - all of your help is really appreciated!

Jun 2017

From: Archie

Driving Test Pass Guildford Gareth was my first driving instructor and thankfully my only driving instructor.

It is clear that he is very dedicated to teaching driving and this is obvious due to the rate of first time passes G-Force achieves.

Gareth makes sure that his students are safe and progressive drivers with the ability to drive in an array of situations/conditions by the time they pass their test.

My first lesson was the day after my birthday and today, a couple of months later, I feel confident that i am a good driver and have no problems on the roads. This is thanks to Gareths excellent coaching.

May 2017

From: Ellie, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford I started a day after I turned 17 and passed first time three weeks later!

Thanks to Gareth who was very thorough and clear in his teaching, allowing me to further improve each lesson and successfully pass first time despite feeling nervous!

Thanks again

Apr 2017

From: Erika, Tolworth

Driving Test Pass Guildford Take your chance and have Gareth as your first and only instructor!

Unfortunately I had wasted 60 hours with someone else before I met him. Gareth made me realize that I was not only far from test level, but was taught wrong, and he had to kind of go back to teach me almost from the beginning. With this he obviously had to build my confidence too.

Gareth is very patient and takes his job very seriously - which is not only his job, but his passion as well.

It will be a long time till I will be 100% confident, but at least Gareth provided me with the knowledge. I am finally able to get out there and be safe on the roads. Thank you

Mar 2017

From: Mihaly

Driving Test Pass Guildford Thank you for your great help taking me through the driving course and test.

I passed first time!

Now I've got better job opportunities.

Mar 2017

From: Christie

Driving Test Pass Guildford My experience relating to the driving lessons and the test were all very positive. I have passed first and had only 2 minors.

During the lessons you offered a lot of help and advice which prepared me for the test. There was nothing that I didn't know for the test so I felt very happy.

Feb 2017

From: Phoebe, Farnborough

Driving Test Pass Guildford Hi, Just want to say thank you Gareth, for helping me pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors!

I turned 17 in the early/middle of February and passed my test at the end of February within 13 days.

You were so thorough and always wanted me to drive at test standards which allowed me to see exactly what I needed to do. You went through every eventuality that could have happened is such a short space of time.

I couldn't ask for any more, thank you.

Feb 2017

From: Arsen, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Thanks to the brilliant instructing from Gareth, I've managed to pass my test first time with only 4 minors.

I really liked the teaching style which was calm and very informative.

Thanks again Gareth

Jan 2017

From: Maria, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford I have used several driving instructors in the past and have found Gareth to be the best. He is extremely patient and committed to his pupils.

As a nervous driver, I felt at ease and comfortable through all of my driving lessons. Gareth's expertise and knowledge for all aspects of driving was evident, and I felt I was completely prepared for my test.

I would Strongly recommend Gareth to anyone looking to drive.

Thank you Gareth!

Dec 2016

From: Alicia, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford If it wasn't for you, probably I would not be holding my driving test paper right now!

I was so nervous in the beginning (and during the driving lessons sometimes), but you made the whole experience so easy, pleasurable and relaxed - I enjoyed it so much. You were always happy, calm and never grumpy.

You are the only instructor I know with such a knowledge. You pick up mistakes, point them out and explain - you make people understand what their actions can cause, and that's very important.

I know I was stubborn with my bad habits and selective listening (haha!), but you have fixed me - my first time pass proved that!

You also made me prove something to myself - that I CAN do it! ...hopefully my Mum won't get fat any more ;-)

I can't thank you enough!

Nov 2016

From: Joseph, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford Once again, thank you very much for your time, it was greatly appreciated - without your teaching, I wouldn't have passed!

Throughout the learning experience with G-Force, I feel that Gareth taught me with professionalism and thoroughness.

He did a great job at teaching me the essential skills as well as help and encourage me to build up my confidence.

I would fully recommend G-Force driving school. Thank you Gareth!

Joseph's Mum, Jennifer:

Many thanks for all your help and support in getting Joe through his test!

Nov 2016

From: Adam, Farnborough

Driving Test Pass Farnborough One of my friends said that I should be able to pass my driving test in no more than 15 hours.

However, when I went through the course with you and passed first time, I realised that I definitely had to have those 36 hours including all of the 5 manoeuvres.

Your teaching method is very progressive and powerful, so I was able to go for the test in 9 days.

Everything you taught to me is important and I'll use it every day. Now I feel very confident and safe on the road after your short and intensive course.

Thank you Gareth!

Nov 2016

From: Alice, Farnborough

Driving Test Pass Farnborough I've passed at first attempt in only 3 weeks!

I'm so happy! I've only got 4 easy mistakes.

Thank you Gareth for your great support!

Aug 2016

From: Oliver, Woking

Driving Test Pass Chertsey I am extremely happy with the service provided by G-Force driving school. I originally started learning to drive using RED, but the instructor let me down. They didn't provide as good a service as G-force has provided.

I would really recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive to go through G-force driving school, as they not only teach you how to drive, but provide in-depth explanations of why you should drive in a particular way.

The service provided by Gareth was incredible and without him I don't think I would of passed first time and with only one minor!

Aug 2016

From: Justin, Godalming

Driving Test Pass Chertsey I'm so pleased I've passed first time with G-Force Driving School. Your lessons were really easy and clear, so I was able to pick up everything I need for real life driving and for the driving test as well.

After I was disappointed in RED driving school, I'm really happy I swapped to your school and went through the driving course and passed my test in a really short time. It wouldn't be in this way if I didn't come to you.

Thank you again Gareth for being a great instructor and giving me great support till the last moment in my driving course, and through the practical test as well!

Jun 2016

From: Pascha, Chertsey

Driving Test Pass Chertsey The driving lessons with you were extremely helpful, especially how you would point out every mistake as soon as you saw them so they wouldn't grow into a bad habit later. I think that was great in preventing me from doing bad things especially early on.

Also, the fact that each lessons were 2 hours long was extremely helpful. I don't think I would of learnt as much if I had spent the same amount of time but in 1 hour intervals -- you really need 2 hour sessions to be able to get used to the car and learn techniques properly. I think that was very important.

You were also fun to drive with which in times helped ease the stress a bit and made it fun showing up to lessons. Especially the jokes you'd make when we were driving were quite amusing.

The car we drove was also really good learner car to have. Compared to the one we had at *cough* RED Driving School *cough*, I much preferred driving the Ford to learn on and do manoeuvres with. The response of the engine also helped in getting used to changing gears as well - it was easier to learn on this than it was in the RED car.

All in all, I want to thank you for teaching me how to drive and be a safe driver, and wish you luck in teaching more pupils the same as me in the future. I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends when they start learning to drive.

May 2016

From: Marzena, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Chertsey After having two previous instructors, not such a good ones, third time turn out be lucky. Gareth is amazing, very patient, on time and most important teaching you 'by the book' so your chances of passing first time, like I did, are higher.

Will recommend Gareth to everybody. Thanks a lot for being such a great instructor :)

May 2016

From: Callum, Chertsey

Driving Test Pass Chertsey I believe you to be one of the best in the business from my experience. You made me so calm and confident for my driving test that I found it a breeze.

I'd strongly recommend you, and have already! Perfection within an instructor - thank you ever so much!

Apr 2016

From: Serena, Chertsey

Driving Test Pass Chertsey Gareth if it weren't for you I would of not done it!.

Your a great teacher, patient but consistent and I just wanna say thank you for everything, it's been a pleasure!

Mar 2016

From: Maliha, Guildford

Driving Test Pass Guildford I would like to thank you for helping me pass and believing in me even though at times it seems hopeless. I shall always remember the thing i have learnt and hope to be a safe driver. I would like the picture you took as a memory and i recommended you to my cousins but they still young and have time.

Once again thank you and best wishes!

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